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The Diocese has requested that  all employees work remotely, except for essential services.

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Proverbs 16:24
If you know anyone who needs a friendly Hello or a
break in their day of loneliness or someone to pray
with, or make a new friend in Jesus.
Call the Church office at(519) 685-2795
and give them the name and telephone
number of the person, and
someone from the Outreach Ministry will be honoured to call them.

From the desk of our priests.....

My Dear Friends,
On behalf of Fr Mario and myself we want to express our profound gratitude to all of those who were so generous to us during the festive season. Your many cards and gifts are truly appreciated! To all who made our Masses and liturgies so wonderful - we thank you! Our awesome pastoral staff and administrative staff and custodial workers, decorators,  musicians , our lectors,  our ushers and all our volunteers ( especially during this time of pandemic ) we wish to thank you ! I have heard so many comments of support and thanks from parishioners - I wanted to pass that on to all of you. As we face the work of forming our Family of Parishes, I know that all will go well - we have based our work and will base our work on prayer - imploring God's generous help. Through the intercessions of Mary and Joseph, our patrons Francis & Martin, Justin & Leopold I know that we will continue to grow and unite.

Father Christopher & Fr Mario

PS Take care of yourselves and one another.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I pray and hope you are all doing as well as can be expected during these turbulent times. On this second Sunday of ordinary time, we continue to celebrate "epiphanies", manifestations of God's glory and power in the miracle at Cana in Galilee.

Last Sunday the Father spoke of His Son as the "Beloved" at his Baptism. Today at the wedding feast, the Beloved reveals his glory and raises the coming together of man and wife beyond a natural occurrence to a sacrament.

Mary also has a role to play as intercessor - "they have no wine". And then our Blessed Mother does what she has always done - points us to her son, " do whatever he tells you".

"Nuptial" language can be found in our first reading from Isaiah. We have been luxuriating in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah through Advent and Christmas and today we continue to hear from this ancient prophet. " you shall be called my delight is in her....for the Lord delights in you..." Have you ever pondered the thought that God delights in you ? Well, He does !

With the story of the wedding feast at Cana we never find out who the bride or groom are, they are not the main figures in this story.

Some elements we can pay attention to.

  1. On the third day there was a wedding " John uses this cryptic technique to highlight that this wedding also takes place on the seventh day. In this way he captures the resurrection motif with the number three and the covenantal/marriage motif of the number seven. 

  2. Mother of Jesus was there.

  3. Jesus and his disciples are invited.

  4. The wine gave out - a grave problem - unthinkable for the customs and manners of the Jews of the day. More than a social faux pas.

  5. Mary intercedes

  6. My hour has not yet come

  7. Do what he tells you - pointing to Jesus - Mary chief evangelizer

  8. 6 empty stone jars for Jewish ablutions - empty-the old law does not suffice; it has run out.

  9. Water becomes wine - ordinary and necessary become extraordinary and wonderful.

  10. In John- 1st of his signs ( 7 of them ).

Family of Parishes information:

I would like to introduce to you the team that has been prayerfully chosen to represent you as the Transition Team for our family of parishes work.

From St Francis-St Martin:

Jorge Escaf-Jaller

Josephine Herriott

Nick Ionata

Maria Elena Araujo

Maritza Angel

From St Justins:

Helen Lowe

Liz Akano

Sean Cross

Diana Malabet

From St Leopold Mandic:

John Bobanovic

Also, on this team will sit 'ex officio": Fr Christopher, Fr Mario, Fr Jozo, Catherine, Delia and Deacons Paul and Victor.

We will have our first meeting this coming Thursday Jan 13 at 7pm via Zoom.

Also, Fr Mario and I will participate in a two-day meeting with our Bishops and the other pastors and associates of the six other families to be formed on January 18th and 19th via Zoom.

Please keep us all in your prayers.

Father Christopher

Seminarians at St Justin’s & St Francis-St Martin

We have been blessed as a community of St Justin Martyr and St Francis-St Martin to have seminarians who will be present in the parishes throughout the academic year. This year, the men have been asked to attend Mass on Sunday, and not the Anticipated Mass on Saturday evening, as there will not be a Mass celebrated on Sunday mornings at St. Peter's Seminary on the scheduled weekends. The Sundays on which seminarians are scheduled to be in parishes are:

  • January 16th and 23rd

  • February 13th

  • March 13th and 27th

It is hoped that the men will be in the parishes for the Easter Triduum.
I would like to introduce you to Mr. Anthony Hoang (Saskatoon Diocese – Culture Works), and Mr. Yolander Sanchez (St. Catharine's Diocese - Theology I) who will be attending a Sunday Mass at St Justins and  Mr. Francisco Castillo (London Diocese – Arts 3) who will be attending the Spanish Mass at St Francis - St Martin's. I wish to welcome these young men to our communities - let us pray for them. They will be available to meet before and after the Masses.

Thank you and have a great week!

Father Christopher