At the weekly teleconference with the Episcopal Council, we discussed the extension of the 

COVID-19 lockdown. I direct the following be communicated to all people of the Diocese:


 1.   Continuation of the Lockdown


We continue to follow strictly the direction of the Government of Ontario and local health authorities as to when the lockdown will be lifted. With other dioceses in Ontario, we are awaiting guidelines being prepared under the auspices of the Bishops of Ontario to safely reopen our churches. These guidelines will then be implemented at the diocesan level. We are mindful that preparations for the return to celebrations of the Mass and sacraments will take a great deal of organization and work, in order to maintain a healthy environment to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.


In light of the above, our churches will remain closed at least until the end of June. If the government’s emergency orders are lifted sooner, we will adjust accordingly.


2.   Cancellation of Summer Gatherings


All social and other religious events normally held during the summer months will be cancelled, at least until Labour Day. This directive is contingent on governmental directions as noted above. It includes parish dinners and picnics; yard sales and bazaars; and national religious festivals and pilgrimages.


We continue to pray for an end to the pandemic, for all who suffer illness, for those who care for them and provide essential services, for those who have died and for those who have lost loved ones. May Our Blessed Mother continue to intercede for us, for God’s mercy and deliverance.


 Sincerely yours in Christ,


 Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.


Bishop of London

   Please find below a message from Bishop Fabbro about the Year of Prayer. Links to the letter are here in English and French and links to the prayer are here in English and French.

To Priests, Deacons, Lay Ecclesial Ministers and Secretaries: 

The attached letter to our people announces a novena from May 22 until May 30 to bring to a conclusion our Year of Prayer.  I ask you to make this letter available to your parishioners and to invite them to enter into these nine days of prayer in preparation for Pentecost. 

Kind regards,

+Bishop Fabbro

   Bishop's Letter announcing changes to the families of Parishes 
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