First Communion Preparation


Sacraments are ritual actions that create real effects. Eucharist has the effect of creating a community that becomes the sign it celebrates...bread for the world and people committed to pouring out their lives in self-giving as Jesus did. The Church's requirements of First Communion children are simple and direct, preparation should include: strengthening children's awareness of God's love for them, making children familiar with the main events of Jesus' life, teaching our children that Eucharist is the real body and blood of Christ and drawing them into active participation in Mass and reverent reception of Communion.

Parents and parish both have vital roles in preparing children for the sacraments. Our program is specifically designed for parent/child interaction both in the six in- home lessons and the parish based Church Search morning.


First Communion and First Reconciliation

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Please note: Completed registration form for First Reconciliation and First Communion, including a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate (even if baptized at St. Justin's), and a $10.00 registration fee must be returned to St. Justin's. For more information please contact:

Suzanne Walton,
Director of Sacramental Prep
St Justin's Parish.
Send email
519.685.2795 ext. 29