Just Some of

  • Raise funds for Arthritis Foundation of Canada by selling Car Draw tickets
  • Hold Free Throw contest for elementary school children ages 9-14
  • Provide chances for High School students to gain volunteer hours
  • Award bursaries each year to deserving graduating students from RMC
  • Sponsor local Boy Scouts troop and athletics teams
  • Host monthly bingos for charity
  • Financially support seminarians
  • Active in many Right-to-Life activities
  • Host special event fun nights and fundraisers
  • Support Dearness and Meadowpark homes both financially and with time.
  • CWL annual dinner.
  • Volunteer to man a Salvation Army kettle at Christmas.
  • Provide Christmas Day dinner to all Meals on Wheels recipients in London.
  • Support St-Justin's youth
  • Support St-Justin's priests and parish