The Legion of Mary
At St. Justin’s Parish

The veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary is based on Holy Scripture: In the fullness of time, God sent his son, born of a woman. We try to model ourselves to be like her. Being gentle, kind, and to look after all people; the sick, shut-ins in nursing homes, private homes, etc.

The Legion meets every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., in the Mary Merrill Room, which is located upstairs in the Fred Merrill Hall. The meetings usually last around 1 ½ hours. Anyone 18 and over is welcome to join us! Active members attend all weekly meetings and are required to perform at least two hours a week (Visitation and the Rosary at nursing homes, Communion to shut-ins, along with short visits etc.). Auxiliary members do not attend meetings, and instead are asked to recite prayers for us every day at home from our Teresa, which takes about ½ hour. Encouraging all to recite the Rosary, Rosaries are also made and disturbed at St. Justin’s Parish, and have been taken as far as Nigeria, Columbia, Nicaragua, and India. Other duties include the promotion of The Brown Scapular enrolment, and assist Father Dan whenever requested. The Pilgrim Statue is taken to private homes for a stay of two weeks. There is a Welcoming ceremony when she arrives and a Goodbye ceremony at the end of the two week period.
There are two celebrations a Year; The Acies, a day of prayer in March, and The General Reunion in the fall. Luncheons are served at both of these functions held at St. Justin’s. We have a yearly bus trip pilgrimage to The Shrine of the Holy Rosary in Merlin Ontario on August 15th for the Feats of Assumption; the cost is usually $15. You are required to bring your own lunch as it is in the country.
“Come join us!”
For further information on this ministry, or if you would like The Pilgrim Statue to be brought to your home, please contact: John or Joyce Murphy through the parish office 519.685.2795
As a little child,
I loved you like a mother.
Now that I am old, my love for you has grown.
Receive me in heaven as one of the blessed and I will proclaim that I have obtained such a great prize through your patronage.
(composed by Pope Leo XIII).

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