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(used for the simultaneous 4KStreaming of live masses and services to YouTube/Facebook and to the two altar wall projectors.

Streamer’s Station

The streamer’s station is located within the choir area of the church and is equipped with the following:

  1. A Power Bar with surge protector (NXT Technologies NX54317-CA 8-outlet 2USB), is mounted on the inside right side front on the station.

  2. USB Hub (Atolla Powered USB 3.0 Hub, 11-Port USB Splitter (7 USB 3.0 Data Ports+4 USB 3.0 Smart Charging Ports) mounted on the right side of the top of the station with it’s AC adaptor is connected to one of the 8 outlets of the Power Bar and is connected to one of the 2 USB 3 ports on the left side of the laptop. 

Laptop (Pin 2021, Password: Parish2021)

Device name Streaming-Laptop

HP Laptop PC 15s-fq2000 (2D120AV)

Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz

Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)

Device ID 14E66D24-E562-46B8-9688-A7865506A4C9

Product ID 00325-96760-97846-AAOEM

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor


  1. laptop AC adaptor is connected to one of the remaining 7 outlets of the Power Bar.

  2. an external keyboard is connected to one of the 8 ports of the  USB hub

  3. an external ergonomic mouse is wirelessly connected to the remaining USB 3 port on the left side of the Laptop and is recharged as needed with a USB to USBC cord from on of the 4 USB 3 Smart charging ports of the USB hub.

Internet Access (Hardwired access)

  1. Internet provider is Rogers under a plan by the Diocese for the parish to conduct day-to-day business (upload speed up to 20 mbps).

  2. 215ft Cat 6 cable is used to connect port 5 of a router located in the Parish Business Manager's Office to TP-link AC1359 wireless dual router with five external antennas (used to compensate for two 100ft and one 15ft cables using two cat 6 male to male couplers) router to router connection and to provide "unfound" controlled access to handheld devices of the choir members and the church speakers controller) mounted on the Streamer's Station and gets its AC power from one of the remaining 6 outlets of the Power Bar.

  3. A 6ft-Cat 7 Ethernet cable from TP-link AC1359 wireless dual router to  an ethernet-USB adaptor to  one of the 7 USB ports of the  USB Hub.

Nave Camera

"Canon Vixia HFG50" located at the front of the Nave (center aisle of the church). The following are plugged in:

  1. AC provided from one of the 8 outlets of the power bar of the Streamer’s station using the camera's Ac adaptor and three COOLM 16.4ft 1.35mm x 3.5mm Male to Female DC Extension Cables.

  2.  A Wired LANC Remote Control ( labeled "D") to the streamer's station using two TNP 2.5mm Extension Cable (15 Feet) - Male to Female Adapter Extender.

  3. Audio off (Mic adaptor plugged in with no mic).

  4. A 4K HDMI mini to full size  adaptor and a 50ft 4k HDMI cable (Labeled "C") to HDMI input port of either the Foscomax (Labelled "F") or the Toscomax (labeled "G")  "Video Capture Card" (mounted to the top inside front of the Streamer's station) and using an appropriate tension relief 4K HDMI adaptor. The USB output of the Video Capture Card is connected to the USB C port of the computer using a USB to USB-C adaptor and an appropriate tension relief 4K HDMI adaptor .

  5. The Camera is mounted on top of "Bescor MP101 Video Motorized Pan Head [ with its power supply (set at 6V) - Wire labeled "A")  and remote control (Wire labeled "B") at the Streamer's station]. Both are mounted on "Original XGIMI Projector Floor Stand"

Altar's Wall Mounted Projectors

Two Epson PowerLite 430 XGA 3LCD Projectors  are wall mounted on the Right and Left sides of the altar. (Epson 430 Projector Lamp ID: ELPLP61 or V13H010L61 (Average live time 4000 hrs, current use in 2070 hrs).

One  remote control is located at the streamer's station. Two VGA cables 100ft each plus a one 15ft flat VGA cable coupled to the 100ft VGA cable from the left side projector are connected to VGA splitter powered with USB-C to USB cable connected to one of the remaining 3 ports of the  USB Hub.

Audio Line

XLR line programed from the Church's sound system to carry the Sanctuary mic's, celebrant mobile mic,  and the Choir Mic's.  The XLR cable can be connected to AudioBox XLR input (Labeled "E") , or though a  3.5 mm jack to the one in use of the two video capture cards.

Streamer's Mic

A USB Microphone, Fifine Plug and P ay PC Computer USB Condenser Microphone connected to one of the remaining 2  ports of the USB Hub.