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Pre Streaming Instructions

1) Turn on Power Supply at the Streamer's Station, and ensure that power is one.

2) Go to the right side Ambo nd plugin Ambo Cameras USB power posters.

3) Go to the front middle of the C section pews and plugin the Center Aisle Camera power supply.

4) Turn on the Center Aisle Camera, set it to Auto in order to get the auto focus to work, use the camera's own display to ensure that it is well in focus when zoomed on the Altar and the Crucifix, then switch the camera to Manual (which already has been preset for digital daylight filter).

5) Use the wall projectors remote to turn on the two Wall Projectors.

6) Go back to the Streamer's station and:

  • ensure that the internet is connected to USB Port C (on the right side of the laptop).

  • The USB multiport station is connected to either one of the two USA ports of the Laptop (on the left side of the laptop)

  • Video Capture Card is connect to either one of the other USB port.

  • Turn on the laptop (Pin: 2021, Password: Parish2021)

7) Start the Browser and from the run the internet speed test (previously bookmarked as favorite). If the upload speed is less than 5Mbps then you will be:

 a) recording the Mass or Service for upload to YouTube when it ends, and 

 b) adding St Peter's Live stream of the Mass (if any) to our "Live" YouTube Play list. (click her for detailed instructions) Get the URL of their Live stream by clicking on their top list video and then click on the "Share" option and "Copy" option.  Then Click here to got to our "Live" playlist and add the video to the playlist by its URL. 

8) If the upload steam test > 5Mbps, then manage the pre-scheduled YouTube live stream going to our YouTube channel. If non-have been previously scheduled then start preparing for one by clicking on "Stream" and edit the settings if necessary in both cases to ensure:

a) The liturgical calendar description is added

b) two playlists are checked-in (Live and the proper liturgical playlist)

c) embedding is allowed

Copy the Default stream key and paste it  (if necessary) in vMix Settings for YouTube Steaming. 

Leave the page open and start the streaming software.

9) Start vMix and open the previously prepared file of presets. None has been prepared, choice "Last" and modify if necessary.

10) about 10 minutes prior to the live streaming, go live with the preset first seen of the event (no audio) by pressing stream button

11) go back to YouTube live steam page and ensure that preview window is displaying the first scene and eh connection is excellent, Then go Live on you tube.