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Live Steaming Software - vMix 

vMix is feature rich live production software that allows for recording and streaming simultaneously professional productions all from a single Laptop. vMix supports up to 4K productions


  • vMix

  • User's Guide

  • License Type: 4K

  • License key: SVKSAASMDYHV

  • For two Computers (currently installed on the Streaming Laptop and another backup laptop)

  • Annual license cost: US$ 700

  • Paid to May 19,2022


  • Live Streaming (up to 3 simultaneous live streams)

  • Recording (up to 2 Recording)

  • External Outputs (up to 2)

  • "Fullscreen" Outputs (up to 2 display screens)

  • External Virtual outputs (up to 4)

  • Multi Coder (recording different inputs to different files)

  • vMix Call (up to 4 simultaneous inputs)


  • Prelude

Overlays (up to 4)

  • Click one of the four numbered buttons of an input to overlay this input on top of the currently displayed Input.

  • The input will display according to the overlay settings. Click the button again to remove the overlay with the transition running in reverse.

  • The Picture In Picture Zoom feature described below is activated with a Right click.

  • Each overlay can also be display in the Preview window by using a right click instead of a left click. Use a right click again to remove the overlay. 

  • When in preview mode the Picture In Picture Zoom feature described below is activated with a left click instead.

Picture In Picture Zoom

  • When an overlay is active and set to "Picture In Picture" mode you can right click the numbered button to expand it to fill the screen.

  • Right click again to reduce the size back to the Picture In Picture settings.

The four overlay options have been preset to display their input content in the following manner:

  1. Fullscreen

  2. Left Side top corner

  3. Right Side Top Corner

  4. Right Side bottom Corner



Directory for Recorded live streams (\Desktop\Recorded Live Streams)