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Altar Servers

What is the Altar Server Ministry?

Altar Serving is responding to God’s call to serve at his table. It takes a special person to be an Altar Server. The Altar Server is invited by the faith community to assist the presider (Priest Celebrant) at Mass and other liturgies of the church. This prayerful service is one of several liturgical ministries. The word ministry means service. In order to serve at the Table of the Lord there are many different jobs and roles that the server needs to learn. Some of these skills are learned through practice but others include attitude and behavior.

 The Altar Server Commitment 

  • The primary goal of Altar Server Ministry is to serve our parish by assisting at liturgies while engaging our parish’s youth in a service role.

  • An important task that requires commitment, dedication and responsibility while fostering maturity and independence in the youth who serve.

Opportunities to Serve

Weekend Masses

To assist  the  priest  at  our weekend masses.  This  is  a  positive  way  to be involved and learn about the Eucharist. Open to youth in Grade 3 up who have made their First Communion. Training is provided. Scheduled  every  three  or four  weeks. Servers are asked to arrive  at  least  15 minutes their scheduled Mass. This is a wonderful learning experience for our young members of the parish. They learn about their faith and take on responsibility.

Weekdays Masses

To assist  the  priest at our weekday masses.


Participation in Funeral Liturgies expresses your support and that of our faith community for families who have lost a loved one. God has gifted you with compassion and a desire to reach out to grieving parishioners. The altar servers are to be listed on the funeral roster and are called when require.

Parents as Partners

Your commitment as an altar server’s parent is to support, encourage, praise and FACILITATE your child’s involvement, as well as being involved in our Parish with the Altar Server Committee or other capacities.

Your Next Steps 

This is an opportunity for girls and boys ages 9 and up who have made their First Communion and wish to serve God and our community by serving at Mass. Servers commit for one year beginning in the fall with the option to re-commit each year. New servers begin with an orientation, a training session, and by assisting experienced servers on the Altar. Servers are needed at all weekend Masses and special Masses throughout the year. In late spring/early summer a special activity for the group is planned. 

If you are interested to learn more or join the Altar Server Ministry, please complete a registration form and bring to the welcome desk or parish office. You may also contact Teresa Duffy through the website General Information/Contact us link.

Teresa Duffy


Find the form here.