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Audio System


  1. Sanctuary Microphones:

  2. Choir Microphones:  

  3. Mobile Microphones:

  4. Mixers (Yamaha O1V, QSC TouchMix 30 Pro)

  5. Speakers

  6. Monitors

  7. Organ 

  8. Piano

  9. Drums set

Operating the System

There are two separate digital mixers one for the Sanctuary and one for the choir.

Sanctuary Mixer
For the Sanctuary push the “Green” toggle switch at the top of the rack. All microphones in the Sanctuary will be activated. It will take approximately 90 seconds for the system to boot up. The microphone levels are pre-set, please do not adjust.

Please wait until the Sanctuary system is booted before activating the Choir system.

Choir Mixer
Please plug all the microphone and instrument cables into the inputs before powering up the system.

Power up the Choir System, press the “Red” toggle switch below and to the right of the Sanctuary switch. This system will take approximately 2 minutes to boot up.

All inputs will be activated; please see the chart below for microphone, Guitar and keyboard designated inputs. 

The levels are pre-set and may be adjusted if needed with the iPad. The main mix will be displayed.
Monitors may be used and are pre-set; you can adjust the volumes from a Mobile devices if needed. The level settings are accessed by touching Aux.1 on the left hand side of the display and adjusting the fader for the desired input.

To return to the Main Mix, touch the button on the upper left hand side of the display directly above Aux. 1 
This system also provides fill for the sanctuary system, it is pre-set, please do not adjust.

Please power down the Choir system before removing any microphone or instrument cables.