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Saint Justin’s Ministries and Groups

Liturgical Ministries

The liturgy is at the heart of our Catholic faith. When we gather together at Eucharist each Sunday, we become a visible sign of Christ's presence in the world. Each one of us has been called and gifted by God to be that presence. The liturgy provides many opportunities to use your gifts to build up the body of Christ

  1. Altar Servers

  2. Altar Preparation and decoration

  3. Children Liturgy

  4. Hospitality Ministry

  5. Music Ministry

  6. Online Ministry  

  7. Pastoral Care

  8. Readers

  9. Sacraments preparation teams

  10. Ushers

Outreach Ministries

The parish has a variety of outreach Ministries and Groups hat serve the parish in many ways. These offer opportunities to get involved in the parish, share gifts and talents, and continue to build the community of St. Justin's. Our outreach activities help us to serve the needs of the wider community in London.

  1.  The Catholic Women's League

  2. The Knights of Columbus

  3. The Legion of Mary

  4. The New Evangelization & Formation Coordinating Council

  5. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul