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YouTube is an online video platform owned by Google. In total, users watch more than one billion hours of YouTube videos each day, and hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube servers every minute.


YouTube provides several ways to watch videos, including the website, the mobile apps, and permitting other websites to embed them. Available content includes music videosvideo clipsshort  and  documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailerslive streams, and video blogs. Most content is generated by individuals, but media corporations also publish videos. Besides watching and uploading, registered users can comment on videos, rate them, create playlists, and subscribe to other users.

Customizing Our YouTube Channel

Name: Saint Justin's Parish, London Ontario Canada
email:
Password: Parish2021
Alternate Email:
URL(Masked): Saint Justin's Parish, London Ontario Canada - YouTube 

Once signed in, Click on the Picture at the top right corner, and from the popped up window click on "Your Channel" and from the loaded page click on "Customize Channel" button.


A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos that play in order, one after another, automatically. When one video finishes up, the next one in the queue comes on screen without the user taking action.
To edit an existing playlist or create a new playlist, one need to get to the playlists page first by clicking on the "Playlists" item form the menu on the left on the channel customization page. One the "Channel playlists" page is displayed, one can create a new playlist by clicking  an the "New Playlist" option in the top right corner of the page. To edit an exiting playlist, hover the mouse over the exiting play list to chose the edit option represented with a pencil icon, For a complete list of the individual playlists that have been created to date on our channel  with a prescribed settings click here.